The tapes become fireproof when they are treated with Flame Retardant material. This treatment is applied in the production process of polypropylene yarn or in the already manufactured tape (in the case of other fibers). The tapes are resistant to heat and fire because of the applied treatment. Once in contact with the fire it causes an atmosphere that displaces oxygen. When there is no oxygen the fire dies.

STIFFENED: A treatment is applied in order to increases rigidity and hardness to the webbing.

ANTIBACTERIAL: Permanent protection of a great variety of substrates against microorganisms. The protection does not migrate, is resistant and is not consumed.

PONSAGARD: Treatment to increase the resistance to abrasion, applying a film that covers the surface of the tape.

IR (INFRARED) TREATMENT: The webbing is manufactured and applied with an IR treatment, adapting the curvature to obtain infrared protection. Ponsa is specialists in technical textiles for security forces, armies, etc.

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DYING: In the dying section the tapes receive different treatments with chemical products. Using different machines resins are applied to obtain a special touch. In this section dying machines are available in a continuous process. One for disperse dying and acids, and the other for pigment dying.

FOLDING: The tape can be folded in different formats, depending on the type of tape, by hand or in automatic machines. The length of the rolls or reels depends on the thickness of the tape. The most common sizes are 50 to 200 m per roll and from 100 to 450 m for the reels.

SEWING: Tailored made tapes for the customer.

CUTTING: Several cutting machines. Cutting can be done hot or cold, by ultrasound, straight or diagonally. The way how to do it is based on the final use of the tape.

JACQUARD: In some cases, the woven tapes transmit a much higher quality than the printed ones. In a printed tape the impression will disappear with time caused by the influences of weather and wear and tear or due to its use. It is not only damaging the product but also the image of the brand it represents. The drawing / letters of a woven tape will last as long as the tape itself lasts.

SUBLIMATION: Through sublimation high quality printing is available with mimetized designs on technical tapes. With our design department we elaborate and adapt the designs according to the needs of the customer.