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Industrias Ponsa ensures the best quality in all its polypropylene tapes based on a long and proven experience in the textile world.

Own manufacturing facilities of polypropylene yarn since 1973. See advantages Polypropylene tapes. Excellent resistance to acids and alkalis. It does not absorb water or dirt.

• Polypropylene also known as PP
• Widths: from 6 mm to 300 mm
• Resistance: up to 30.000 Kg
• Great variety of colours
• Finishes in the yarn during extrusion process: Sanitized (antibacterial), flame retardant (FR), water-repellent, flame-retardant, heat-set, antistatic, etc.

For multiple use
Poultry farming, medical use and orthopedics (lifting patients, stretchers, belts, …), mattresses, leather goods (backpacks, bags, etc.), sports, big bags, mooring, single-use slings, upholstery, nautical, awnings, horses, dog collars and harnesses, blinds and borders etc. etc..

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The characteristics of the resulting product are comparable to those of the virgin product, you can obtain a product (fabric, tape or thread with 30% -50% recycled material). Some colors cannot be obtained with recycled material since recycled PP is not white.


This PP degrades after 900 days outdoors, its properties are similar to normal or virgin PP.
The applications are those of any textile product that is intended to have a life of max 3 years and then disappear into the environment.


ANTI-RADIATION UV, (1-2% UV additive) lasts a maximum of about 10 years in the open air after the indicated time, it breaks down into small fibers until it becomes a powder, it is not harmful to the environment or health.