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Lashing tape 25 mm wide with tensioner. Light and easy to use. Ideal for lashing loads in vehicles.

Device designed to ensure safety in the transport of loads by fastening them with textile tape and the tension exerted by the ratchet. Complies with EN 12195-2:2000. The tensioning system (see video), causes the tape to exert more pressure on the product, preventing its movement and avoiding as far as possible the consequences of the G forces caused by sudden movements.

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The tape is always manufactured at Industrias Ponsa facilities. The metal components are also manufactured by Industrias Ponsa or under close supervision. The product is sewn in Ponsa facilities. All Ponsa products go through strict controls according to current regulations.
STANDARD: EN 12195-2:2000

Textile parts:
100% polyester webbing
100% polyester sewing thread
Webbing width: 25 mm
Metal parts
Tensioner: alloy steel
Hooks: alloy steel
Lashing capacity:

LC: 500 daN

1.000 daN

Safety Factor metal part: 2
Safety Factor webbing part: 3
Length: 5 m
Endless model: 5 m of tape
Model with hook: 4,5 m of tape + 0,5 m part of the tensioner.