>>Obtaining ISO 14001

Obtaining ISO 14001

Industrias Ponsa reaffirms its environmental social responsibility by obtaining ISO 14001.

From Industrias Ponsa we understand environmental social responsibility as the commitment we acquire to preserve and care for the environment. To do this, we have measurable objectives to minimize the natural resources used for the creation of our products as well as the good management of the raw materials we use to produce our tapes.

Our organization understands the needs and expectations of our neighborhood and for this we control it thoroughly, and work to minimize the environmental impacts that our activity of webbing manufacturing carries. We have identified 4 different types of pollution that can harm our community and the closest natural environment, and periodically carry out their control.

    • To determine noise emissions, a sound measurement has been made obtaining more than satisfactory results during the day and night.
    • Particulate emission sources have been identified and the concentration of suspended particles has been analyzed for each of them. The result obtained complies with the established regulations, which is why we consider that our process is respectful with the atmosphere and with the health of the people.
    • To avoid contamination of the soil, in the areas susceptible to the spillage of chemical products, such as the laboratory, the conditioning is periodically renewed, with special resins that prevent the leakage of chemical products after a possible spillage.

The manufacture of our fabrics aims to facilitate and improve the overall quality of life of our customers while respecting the environment. To do this, we integrate and strengthen: responsible manufacturing (economic instruments, manufacturer responsibility and environmental accounting), environmental identification (Ecoembeslabeling, environmental declarations and information on the product) and, above all, research and innovation to make our products more easily recyclable and sustainable, in short, so that its ecological impact is minimal.