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ANTI-VIRUS TEXTILES VIRUSES IN CONTACT WITH OUR TAPE DIE Testing by independent laboratories has confirmed that our tapes are effective against virus, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Fabrics made with Polisan® yarn [...]


PLASTIC SAVES We manufacture polypropylene yarn and webbings, plus all kinds of laces and tapes for sanitary masks #Plasticforpeople


Polypropylene yarn

Polypropylene yarn from Ponsa. Physical, chemical and environmental properties. Industrias Ponsa manufactures a wide variety of PP yarns since 1974. The production process of our yarn begins with the extrusion [...]

Obtaining ISO 14001

Industrias Ponsa reaffirms its environmental social responsibility by obtaining ISO 14001. From Industrias Ponsa we understand environmental social responsibility as the commitment we acquire to preserve and care for the environment. To do this, [...]

Hamilton wins

Hamilton wins the Formula 1 World Championship for the fourth time. The OMP ribbon is made entirely by PONSA Spain. Since 2012 present in Formula 1


History. Industrias Ponsa SA, is a family owned Spanish multinational founded in 1828.

In the world. Industrias Ponsa has 6 manufacturing and distribution plants strategically based in Spain, Romania, Sweden, China and Trinidad & Tobago. The products find their way to customers in 118 countries.

The core business. Manufacturing technical textiles webbings with the use of last generation fibers.
The manufactured webbings are used for applications like; lifting, lashing, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), industry, etc.

Total control. From yarn to finished product. We produce our own yarn and check each step of the production. This gives us an absolute control throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Quality. Being ISO 9001 certified, we use the latest technologies in the manufacturing process, secures that the products comply with the highest demands in the market. We obtain every year the Oeko-Tex class I, the highest level of this certificate.

R + D + I. One of our successes where we are proud of is the development and manufacturing of the lightest and most resistant webbing ever used in motorsport. After starting in 2014 with 2 teams we can now say that nearly all of the F1 teams in the 2020 season, put their trust in Ponsa quality. Besides that these webbings are also used in WRCC, Indycar etc.

Development. Managing to stay in business in the textile industry for nearly 190 years, can only be achieved when you are involved and active. On our own behalf and in combination with customers and our partners we have developed several products which have set the standard in their markets.

Future. Development and improvement in combination with a vision and the support of our customers (partners) and our employees will take us to our next goal: Celebrating together 200 years of Ponsa in textiles.

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