Nylon is one of the most common polymers used as yarn. It is part of the group polyamides and known as PA.

The main difference between Nylon webbings and other materials is that it has a GREAT RESISTANCE AGAINST ABRASION.

Other qualities are:

  • Resistance to heat and wear / friction.
  • Ability to absorb shocks, noise and vibrations.
  • Hardness / Stiffness.
  • High strength / resistance.
  • It is thermoplastic (it softens by heating).
  • High resistance against oil, greas, solvents and alkalis.


These are in a wide range but its application is normally related when there are demands for RESISTANSE AGAINST ABRASION, strength and/or elasticity.

These webbings are normally used in the following industries: Automobile, textile, lifting, aeronautics, military, etc.