Industrias Ponsa presents the ratchet with the most pretension force.

What is the pretension force?

It is the force applied by the webbing on the goods, avoiding its movement when a sharp change takes place.

  • More pretension = More fastening.
  • To more pretension, the goods remain tighten.
  • It prevents tendonitis in arms and shoulders.
  • As the handle is longer, there is more lever and you can get more tension with less power. With this ratchet the lashing force is done from top to bottom, in the traditional ratchet it is done upwards.
  • Important time saving.
  • As there is more pretension power, less ratchets are used for the same load.

Do not confuse this product with the long handle ratchet, the difference lies in in the direction where the tension is done. ALWAYS downwards.