RATCHETS TIE DOWN from 25 - 35 mm

Industrias Ponsa produces any kind of tie down.

Lashing: Our wide range of ratchets and end fittings, secure any kind of goods.

When the cambuckles are not enough, and we need to obtain more strength and resistance, then it is necessary to use a ratchet.


  • The webbing is always produced by Industrias Ponsa.
  • The metallic components are also manufactured by Industrias Ponsa or under its strict supervision.
  • The product is sewn in our premises.
  • Strict control of our products according to existing regulations.
  • Ergonomic handles option.

The lashing system ( see video ), makes the webbing apply more pressure on the product, preventing its movement and avoiding to an extent the consequences of the G forces originated by sharp movements.

All this, added to the long experience in this sector, we are able to say that we do not sell lashing systems, we produce safety for the lashing of loads.