Industrias Ponsa has an extensive experience weaving ribbons which adapts perfect to the products to be trimmed.

Trimming a product with a quality tape gives a certain distinction and perfection to the final product. A detail which the public will appreciate when it choose to buy a product.

Each product has its own kind of binding (mattresses, backpacks, handles, awnings etc.)


  • Bindings can be manufactured in Polypropylene, Polyester and Acryl. The acryl bindings are those who get a special UV treatment due to the fact that they are exposed to sol (special awnings). See features Acryl ribbons. Pipe Ribbons like Vivotex®.

If you have any questions about choosing an edging tape please let us know. Industrias Ponsa offers advice in finding the most suitable trim for your application. Consult us.