Cotton is an organic fiber. Due to its fine and soft touch its main use is in the textile confection. On the other hand, due to its features, it is very sensitive to acids and easily ignited.

Features of the Cotton webbing:

  • Retains 45-50% of its weight in water.
  • Burns easily.
  • High sensitivity to acids and alkalis.

Features of the Coslan webbing:

Industrias Ponsa has developed a yarn called Coslan®, the same soft feeeling as cotton but with many more advantages:

  • More easy to wash than cotton.
  • Does not lose colour.
  • No "pilling".
  • Stronger than cotton.
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis, it does not ignite easily.
  • Repels water, moisture and dirt.
  • Allows treatments: fireproof, antibacterial, etc.


Applications: Cotton · Coslan®

Are varied:

  • Confection.
  • Construction.
  • Works with electromechanical and/or thermal requirements.