Industrias Ponsa secures the quality of all webbings due to:

  • Strict control in the manufacturing and finishing process.
  • Own colouring department to achieve the desired colour requested by customer.
  • Control system to secure resistance and breaking strength of the straps.



  • Widths: from 6 mm till 300 mm.
  • Breaking Strength: up till 40.000 kg.
  • Colours: our section of dyeing can obtain each colour in the range of Ral/Pantone.
  • Finishing (of the strap): anti bacterial, Flame retardant, water proof, fire proof, thermo and heat fixed, antistatic etc.
  • We can print webbing with TRANSFER.
  • Jacquard with logos, text and print.


Webbings for use in:

  • Automotive, Aviation, temporary barriers, children safety.
  • Work Safety (harnesses, lifelines, energy absorbers etc.)
  • Lashing (ratchets), reusable slings, nautical, awnings.
  • Medical use, orthopedics (lifting patients, stretchers, belts).