NOMEX® Webbings

Industrias Ponsa was one of the first manufacturers to produce nomex webbings as well as others technical fibres, having already a large experience in the prodcution of these types of webbing.

It is a meta-aramida fibre whose main caracteristic is a great degree of resistant to heat than the para-aramidas, but on the other hand, has a considerable reduced strength.

Nomex do not burn like cotton fabric does and do not melt or drip as a polyester fabric.


  • Excellent resistance to heat It weighs less than para-aramidas.
  • High Temperature protection sleeve.
  • Insufficient resistance to acids.
  • Good resistance to mild alkalis but not to the sharp ones.
  • Good resistance to abrasion.
  • Bad resistance outdoors.


Work clothing for sectors as specific as: electricians, petrochemical workers, racecar drivers and its technical team, military personnel, aerospace, firefighters, ...