Industrias Ponsa can apply any form of treatment to its webbings.

Webbings are converted into fireproof when applied with a flame retardant treatment.

In Polypropylene webbings, we apply this process during the extrusion of the yarn. In other fibers, this is a finishing treatment applied directly into the webbing once produced.


They are resistant to heat and fire, due to the applied treatment, when in contact with fire there is a chemical reaction that repels the oxygen from the tape that is treated with the flame retardant. Since there is no access to oxygen, the fire goes out by itself.


  • Any activity with direct or indirect relation with fire: firemen, petrochemical, racecar drivers and motorcycle riders, etc.
  • Also those products directly related with people: domestic products, for children, sports, etc.



We manufacture all kind of webbing according the principal norms of the market:

  • Air (FAR25-853),
  • Automotive (ISO 3795, FMVSS 302, Volvo 104, .... )
  • Textiles in general (EN 1021, EN 13773, etc.. ).