Since the year 2000, Industrias Ponsa manufactures fall arrest protection nets with our own yarn produced in our own facilities in Spain. By doing this, we guarantee the total quality of the entire production process.

  • The net is made of woven knotless rhombus / diamond mesh.
  • The minimum mesh resistance is 2167 N (221 kg).
  • Production in various colours.
  • The perimeter rope is made of braided polypropylene (longer duration).


VERTICAL nets -Class A2- Type V

The Fall Protection Type V should be installed in a vertical position by using standard hanging type bracket (box) at the upper part, and using anchors points to the building or the structure at the lower end.

HORZONTAL nets - class A2- Type S

The Fall Protection Network Type S should be installed in a horizontal position by tying ropes tied to anchor points. The minimum overlap must be 2 m and the netting will have a minimum of 35 m2, with smaller side of 5 m.